A wedding to attend.

15 Jun

I received an invitation.  A wedding invitation. It is tomorrow (Saturday). The probability for me to attend the wedding ceremony is high because:

  1. It is on Saturday. Saturday is my working day.
  2. The wedding took place at the place near to my office. Very near.
  3. I received this invitation twice! One by verbal. Another one by text.
  4. I know this family quite some time.
  5. My office been doing business with the invitee for as long as I could remember.

But, despite all the above mentioned reasons, there is still one reason that make me hesitate whether to go or not to go. The bridegroom himself.

Ahah!! Hmm.. I see…!!

Oh wait! No, no, no, no!!! It’s not what you people are thinking about. This is not a broken-hearted case, ok!!


Ok, know what? Since no one want to listen to me, so I think I’m going to off now.

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