Moving in.. again!

15 Jun

As per title above, I’m moving in again to my old house. I have more than one houses, but most of them are being abandoned, for lack of time and effort.

Why do I re-enter this house?

Sometimes I have some issues that really need to be shout-out, some point that need to be voice-out, but the main reason is that I have many, many things that need to be cried out. If I get hurt by someone, I’d rather writing it down, than say it to their face. I just couldn’t bear seeing people get hurt just because my heart ache. So that’s why I re-open this house.

I no need to feel guilty about writing it down. Because no one will know about this house. No one supposed to know about it. Well because this is an abandoned old house and that could not attract anyone here. Even for those who ever been here, they already forgetting about this place (I wish!). So this is more like my turf.

Wah, I feel relief already! Haha! (Pat myself on the back!)

So welcome back Ta!

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