Attending the wedding.

16 Jun

So finally I did go to the wedding. I almost didn’t make it though, but then I said “Hey come on. You don’t have to think about the bridegroom, just think about the invitee and the family, okay?!”

Okay, so I went. Alone! All by myself! And again, alone!!!

15 minutes after 1pm, I arrived. Walking all alone to the tents. Said hi to the family and all, grab the food, found a good-nice-view table, sat down and enjoy the meal. While I was enjoying the food all alone, suddenly I saw him! All handsome and good looking in white Baju Melayu and black songkok, (why men or women looked good on their wedding days, but not really that good on normal days?) walked out of the house. I was like oh gosh!


Ouch!! Why was my chest hurt?

Oh, I forgot to breath.

Took a deep breathe and continue eating. That was once only. I didn’t raised my head since then. Paid attention to the food, as my food was the only thing matters in the whole world.

Done eating, got up, went to the family again, received a goodies bag and said bye.

Was walking to the park when noticed the newly weds couple was standing only a few steps ahead me, bidding goodbye to the other guests. Oh ho, what was I supposed to do now?

Be cool. Keep walking and walking as fast as I could but still maintained the lady-like walk. Then my phone ringing. My boss called. Oh thank you boss, thank you!! Answered the phone, talked as slow as I could, but still walking at the fast paced, and at the same time ignoring the couple.

Ignoring!! Oh I am the master of that act! Ignoring people! How could I forgot that??

So that was it. I managed to get to the car without taking any glance at them. HA HA HA!!!

Get in the car, la la la, drove out the parking lot, la la la, took a right, la la la, took another left, la la la, another right, la la la, get into a parking lot, la la la, ascending the stairs, la la la, enter the door, LA LA LA LA. My office!!!

I told you, the wedding was very near to my office.

p/s: That photo above, that wasn’t really the ‘pelamin’. I just grab that photo out of Google.

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