Why are we afraid of anything?

18 Jun

For example, there was an abandoned house in a deep, thick jungle. You were asked into that house. How would you feel? Afraid? But, why are you afraid? What are you afraid of?

You were afraid because you knew nothing about the house, let alone the jungle. You were afraid because you have no information or have little information whatsoever about the house and the jungle. See, the keyword here is no information.

The same goes to my mother. She never touched a computer in my house. Why? Because she was afraid she might damage the computer if she did. Why? Because she knew nothing about computer. Again, no information.

Why am I rambling about afraid?

Well, that because I am afraid right now. No, not afraid. In my kind of case, worry is a better word.

I’m about to go to Hospital Selayang tomorrow, 10 a.m. appointment. Alone. The main concern is I don’t know the exact route. I’ve been studying the Google Maps for a days now, been asking those who ever been there before, and yet I still worried. I worry I might take a wrong exit, or take a wrong lane and that will lead me to a wrong route and I will end up LOST!!

So you see, we are afraid of anything because of no information. If we have enough information and in my case, I’ve been there before, then we have nothing to afraid of, right?

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