1st appointment.

20 Jun

9.30 am Arrived and registered at the 1st counter. Received a number.

10.10am Got called for the 2nd registration at the 2nd counter. Received a registration card (since this was my 1st appointment) and went to 3rd counter. Received another number. The nurse mentioned to me, that it was going to be late, so I could go grab something to eat first. I was like, “Was it going to be that late? Nah, I don’t think so!”

Found a seat, make myself comfortable, open a book and enjoy my reading.

03.21pm Went to the cafe. Bought a hot-dog rolls.

04.40pm Already finished Julie Garwood’s Gentle Warrior. Started a new one The Lion’s Lady. Done 3rd chapter, my name been called out. I got up, went to the room. Not meeting directly with the doctor yet. I have to wait for my turn. Another waiting. Oh it’s okay. I didn’t mind waiting. I have been waiting for 7 hours though, another few minutes of waiting could not do me any harm, right? It wasn’t like I have another better things to do, right?

05.00pm I went to see the doctor, finally. Talked about my illness, suggestion of solutions and a consultation. The doctor told me to do the blood and urine test. By today. “What?? Can’t you see what time is it now? It’s 5.15pm already. I have to rush home!” The handsome-good-looking-man doctor said, “No, it must be done by today.”

Oh gosh!! So I went to do all that tests and grab a prescription.

Even all the counters and main doors were closed. Had to ‘zig zag’ ing to find an exit. Went to the basement car park (luckily I remembered where I parked my car) and drove home.

Missed an exit and took a wrong turn. Got onto a fly-over, made a u turn and took a correct exit. Took a wrong lane and missed another exit. Drove like a lost-kitten on the same round-about over and over again. Found the correct exit and suddenly I was on the highway.

Hah! Highway! I never thought I could be that happy once I found the highway. Yah! Yah! Yah! Then my stomach growl. I was starving. I didn’t ate anything since this morning, so technically my stomach was still empty. Ate the rolls. Put on the radio. La la la.. I was the happiest person in this world. At that time!

While I was enjoying my moment, suddenly there was this huge enormous signboard on my left saying LEBUHRAYA-TAMAT. I was WHAT????!!!

Then I saw TESCO. Oh, excuse me. But I didn’t remember seeing any TESCO on my way to the hospital this morning. Were they just built this morning??

Then suddenly there was another signboard of YOU WERE LOST! written all over it popped up in my head. Oh man not lost again! I missed another exit!!!!

Didn’t I have a better thing to do than just getting lost and lost and lost over again?

Anyway life must go on. Looking for a u turn. Went back to the highway. Drove all over again and found another u turn. This time took a correct exit and I was back on the track again. The supposedly right track.

It was getting dark. To make things even worse, this is a new highway. Still not familiar or being a fave among drivers because there are 3 tolls of RM2 each, and for that not many cars were using that highway by night. Keywords: Highway. Not so many lights. No cars. No people. Me alone. And that I was speeding as fast as my car could go.

7.43pm I was home safe and sound. This whole experienced made me agitated. A supposedly 1 hour journey end up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. Many thanks to my business acquaintance for guiding me when I was lost. I will not forgot your good deed though.

Now I’m waiting for the next appointment date. Should I get a accompany or shouldn’t I? Just let the time decide it.

p.s: A 7 hours and 30 minutes waiting for a 15 minutes time with the doctor. A price I paid to have a consultation.

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