Part 1: Things that really annoy me.

21 Jun

One thing at the moment: FAX MACHINE RING COUNT.

Have you ever sending a fax, but had to wait longer for them to received your fax?

I have. In fact, many times. Many many times. It really annoying me. For heaven’s sake, if you already assigned that number as a fax number, why would you want us (the sender) to wait for 16 ring count? Sixteen!

Mine is 4. For me the best ring count is supposed to be less than 4. The less the better. One ring way much better. It could save times, and less pressure you know.

That was totally wasting time and TOTALLY ANNOY ME!

Did you know how I felt while waiting for that? It was like a claustrophobic person driving through a tunnel. You didn’t know how long the tunnel was. Whether you could make it to the end or you stuck in the middle because you already out of breath.


So think again if you want to set your fax ring count more than 4, for you never knew which claustrophobic person might die in the tunnel.

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