Did this ever happen to you?

25 Jun

Well.. it did happen to me. Today.

I was doing an online banking. Maybank2u online banking. I was about to transfer sum of amount to my supplier. So I did as usual. Request for TAC Number. A few moment later the TAC Number has been sent to my boss’ mobile phone via text. So my boss forwarded the text to me.

Maybank2u was known as a secured online banking. Which is if you stay idle more than 30 seconds, there will be a reminder, that asking you whether to proceed or to cancel the transaction, and if still no feedback it will automatically logout your account. But sometimes the text will came late than usual.

For the first request, my boss was late forwarding the text to me, so the transaction automatically closed. I had to fill out all over again, it was kind of tricky since I was doing a InterBank GIRO transaction, and requested the new TAC Number again.

Then my boss forwarded to me the text, which was:

RM0.00 M2U : TAC requested for 3RD PARTY ACC. TRF to/for MAH KAR HOE. RM 1,642.24. TAC: XXXXXX, Did not request? Call: 03-58914744, 25 Jun 2012 10:49:54. TQ.

I was stunned! I logout immediately . No, I didn’t logout actually. I just clicked on the X sign on the title bar. It was much faster, just in case if anyone tried to hack my account.

Then I repeating the whole process again, and this time received the correct text.

RM0.00 M2U : TAC requested for INTERBANK GIRO TRF to/for Hewlett Pac. RMXXX.XX TAC: XXXXXX. Did not request? Call: 03-58914744, 25 Jun 2012 10:55:55. TQ.

That was kind of creepy you know. Then I called the number given and explained to the person in charge about the whole thing. He then asked me particulars such as phone number, name, and bank account number. He said to give him about 5 to 10 minutes, for he will look through this matter and will get back to me later. I said okay and hung up.

It is now after 14:00:00, and had not received any call from that particular person, yet. I was wondering if he said his 5 to 10 minutes of the same hour but on the next day, but not 5 to 10 minutes of the same hour by today. If he meant the previous, then by right he was such a hilarious person I’ve ever spoken to.

p.s. I always having this kind of suspicious feeling every time I have to gave out my account number to anyone else, even to the bank’s personnel.

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