It was all started good, until..

26 Jun

.. until after only a few meters driving, my car made this funny irritating stunt. It went tersengguk-sengguk! (I didn’t know that word in English and I didn’t bother to find them in a dictionary.)

It was like driving at 20kmph at 4th gear. It went tersengguk-sengguk and slowing down. I continued driving but had to switch gear every time I went slow. Even at 90kmph I had to switch to 4th gear!

I stopped at the red light, text my boss informing him about the car condition. He said that the plug need to be replaced. Just drive to the office and I’ll take the car to the mechanic later. I said, okay.

Continued driving to the office. Had to reach 120kmph in order to utilized the 5th gear when the speed limit was only 100kmph.

The car was sent to the mechanic for service two weeks ago. They changed the oil and the filter. But then the problem started. First my horn couldn’t blown out and the high beam light was always on. Then we sent the car to another mechanic. The problems solved but another problems came out. The signal couldn’t off automatically. It need to be off manually. That was irritating. Really, really irritating. Then the driver’s window couldn’t roll down.

Then I send the car to another mechanic, again! The mechanic fixed up the window, but still couldn’t rolls down or up automatically like normal driver’s window did. He said that the system already went out, and it could cost me about RM100++ to change the system. Were there any cheaper alternatives? He said all he need to do was replacing the wires. Then I said okay just proceed with replacing the wires.

After about 45 minutes every things settled, paid RM20, and drove home happily. Problems solved.

Another happy ending. For that moment.

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