Mahligai bergegar.

27 Jun

I read this morning at Metro about Raja Azmi and Jalani Sidek will getting divorce by today. She said,

“Saya tak sanggup lagi dengar tohmahan menuduh suami saya dayus. Selepas difikirkan masak-masak hanya perceraian jalan terakhir untuk saya membersihkan nama suami,”

Well Jalani, don’t you have anything to say regarding this matter? Anything at all? I seldom read your comment on any issues your wife had created.

If we read between the lines, it can be concluded that (these are just my opinions. MINE!!) :

1. She seems too care what others were saying. I meant, oh please lah, don’t give a damn care what others would think, it’s not like they really care what happened to your family. And I didn’t remember Raja Azmi ever cared what people said about her so-called movie “Something in a bottle” or any of her movie, at all. If she did, she wouldn’t even think to produce any kind of movie that she already produced in the first place.

2. By getting divorce would tell people that she is nothing but sweet-innocent and that she actually really cared what people said and respected their thinking. I think by getting divorce also meaning she’s feeding the society’s hunger of gossip. Is she looking for a another publicity? To me she was known as a “Pengarah yang suka mencari publisiti murahan!”

3. By saying this (getting divorce) is the best solution ever, hello! Have you performed an istikharah? Have you asked for His guidance in this matter? Have you had the answer? Or the least have you considered your family’s opinion on this? Have you?

4. Or was there another hidden agenda that you created this havoc? Such as once you’re single, then you could be get together with that national’s player that you got tangkap basah with? Was it??

Wait the minute. Why am I being nosy about this matter?

No, I’m not being nosy. I didn’t even care what would happen to them. I just wanted to tell my opinion on this. I think getting divorce was not the best solution ever, even though religion permitted it, but in this case it was the MOST-SHALLOW decision made by a VERY-SHALLOW-AND-NARROW-MINDED person ever!


p. s. People won’t stop talking about them even after they’ve separated. You couldn’t shut people’s mouth off by doing exactly what they asked or thought you should do. You will end up feeding people need of gossiping. In the end you will be the losing party. Sad!

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