Part 2: Things that really annoy me.

02 Jul

One thing at the moment: BLACK SMOKE CARS.

I was driving home last week when this car (I didn’t see whether he or she behind the wheel) happened to be at the same road as mine. In front of me to be exact. This kind of car!


I got irritated. Why? Because:

1. His car producing black smoke, I mean really black that almost made me gagged. While I was behind wheel, I preferred to roll down my windows instead of switching on the air-conditioner. So I believed you guys could imagine the situation I was in.

2. He was driving at 80kmph. 80kmph!! On the fast-lane! I repeat FAST-LANE! Not the snail-lane. The opposite of snail-lane is, the last time I checked, oh it was FAST-LANE! And it still is!

3. I gave him the headlights, motioning him to switch lane. But I guess he inhaled too many black smoke, his brain got shrink and reduced the capability of thinking. So he maintain on the right lane.I got irritated. And not to mentioned annoying. Really, really annoying.

But then I said to myself, maybe he was a retarded person who happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time, trying to sharpen his driving skills. Or maybe he didn’t see any other drivers. He just saw what he wanted to see. Us (other drivers) were just a bunch of snails. Yes, snails! We were snails and he was a rabbit! Of course! Ha ha ha.

I noticed before that, there were few drivers were doing the same thing. But he miraculously managed to stay on the same lane. Then, I just gave up on him and switched lane. I hoped that he will survived until he reached home, for I was afraid something might happened to him. Such as got hit by other fast snails. Who knows, right?

For me, person such him was very selfish person ever born in the whole world. They never thought of the others, never thought of the environment, they never thought of the air that they pollute, air that was inhaled by others. What were they thought only their money.

I wish to have that black smoking exhaust to be shoved on his mouth, while his nose was covered up, so he will knows what drivers behind him felt.

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