Part 1: Things that make me happy!

03 Jul

One thing at the moment: TOM CRUISE & KATIE HOLMES DIVORCE!

I am sorry for those who think that I am a cruella for being happy for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. I just couldn’t help it. I am happy! I admit it. And I know for sure that I share this feeling with almost half of world’s population.


I heard Sarimah this morning, and when she announced the news I was like, YES! YES! YES!!

I was a fan, see that word WAS! of Tom Cruise before he split up with Nicole Kidman. I always thought that they were such a romantic and a match made in heaven couple. But Tom proved it wrong. So after that I was no longer his fan. I hated him. I even stop watching his movies and even hate him more when he got married to Katie Holmes.

It is not that I disliked Katie. I liked her, okay. I liked her when she was in Dawson Creek. But only at that time. After she married Tom, I pictured her as a home-wrecker. They met only for about 3 months (if I’m not mistaken), and get married. Then Suri came along. I despite them more when I read how they pampered Suri with a branded clothes. They showered their daughter with money. They really spoil that brat. That is not right. Totally not right.

I don’t know If I ever want to be Tom Cruise’s fan anymore the way I used to before. The spark no longer exist.

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