This is the second time..

11 Jul one year.

The first thing in the morning I would do is to check my account balances. Every day. Thanks to the IT revolutions, I no need to call the bank to know my balances. So today as usual I did the same.

Unfortunately something went different. When I compared the bank’s balance with my book’s balance, and guess what? they were different. After a lengthy checking I found out that today’s cheque already cleared last night. That means 11th July post dated cheque cleared on 10th July. How was that possible?

Did I do something wrong? Did I wrote the date wrongly? I double-checked the cheque bud (was it bud or butt?) and still the same date as 11th July. Everything was good. Then how come the cheque already cleared?

I called the bank, and request for the cheque status. She (the banker) has confirmed that the cheque already cleared. Then I request for the cheque image. She double-checked and said the date written on the cheque was indeed 11th July. I asked her what would happen next? She said that they (the bank) will return the cheque to the account receiver.

This is the second time. The first time the bank said I have to pay RM5 for the cheque image request. I agreed. Then when the result came out, found out that the error was made not by me. Then I asked, now that we know whose fault was it, should I still pay for that? Luckily the bank said I shouldn’t. I was sure could go ballistic if I had to pay for that fee.

Why should I pay for someone else mistake? If that particular person who credited my account took a very, very clear look on that date, and if only that particular person being honest in his or her job, none of these would happen.

If only.

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