Times that slipped away.

12 Jul

I woke up this morning at precisely 2.13 am. I went out of my room. The first thing that I noticed was my 3 years old nephew wasn’t in his sleep place. But I knew just the place where he will be.

I went downstairs to my mum’s room. There he was. Sleep calmly and shirtless beside my mum. I cupped and put him on my shoulder and went back upstairs. Put on his shirt and tuck him in. Kissed his cheek and forehead.

Then I frozen.

Oh how I wished I could rewind last night, so that I could play with him until he fell asleep. Prepared his formula and tuck him in his place. I really wished for that moment again!

On a daylight he was with my mum, while at night most of his time spent with his parents and I. But last night I was really tired. I got home around 7.30 pm. Bathe him, play with him, feeding him his dinner. Around 9.30 pm I retired to my room. Then he entered and play with my phone. I snapped at him. He cried and went out. That was the last time I saw him.

I felt so sad. With my teary eyes, I cover him with his dad’s unwashed shirt and kissed him again. I want to make up for last night. So I went back to my room, gathered my pillows, comforter and blanket, my phone and went outside. I spread my comforter and cuddled beside him. I put my hand across him and back to sleep.

I promised I will cherish every moment with him. No matter how naughty he could be sometimes, I will bear that act for I know he still a child and he is the only one my 3 years old nephew. There is only one of him. No duplicate. No copy. Not even twins.

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