And I spoilt it.

16 Jul

I started The Partner by John Grisham somewhere around 10.30 am yesterday.

ImageClick here for peek-a-boo.

I dare said that it was a really page-turner paperback. I just couldn’t put it down. Glad that I was alone at home, otherwise my sister would nag me for doing nothing but spent my time reading, since she thinks that reading was really a wasting time when there a lot of other chores that can be done. Well, that was her opinion anyway.

But she was right, I mean sort of. I didn’t even started my ironing until late last night. I was so glued to that book.

While I was in the middle chapter of that book, (if you ever read it, you might know what I was saying) when Eva/ Leah told Sandy that she hired the Pluto boys (ex-FBI) to do background searching about Patrick. At the same time Pluto boys demanding money in exchanging information to the Stephano people about Patrick’s whereabouts. In that chapter it just clicked to me that maybe the money that Stephano paid was actually went to Eva and Patrick. Eva and Patrick was actually driving them (the Stephano people) to him! And it turned out I was right. Pat at the back. (Big grin).

Then I went directly to the ending. I didn’t know why, I just couldn’t help it. I read the ending and was quite disappointed. I was laughing at myself then. See I told you! Never ever read the ending! For you might get disappointed and a half day reading would just went to the drain! I was laughing hard.

But I read it anyway, despite that I knew what was the ending. I just loved how Grisham twisted the plot. He keep you bound to it until the end. So finally I done with The Partner some times after 1 a.m this morning.

I still have The Associate wrapped at the backseat of my car. Wait until I could find time to start it.

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