Sometimes I get annoyed by..

17 Jul

.. by my boss. Today is the day.

I woke up late this morning. 7.00 am on the dot. Based on my usual timing, I would make it to the office before 8.30 am. But I have to drop my mum at the clinic first for her routine check-up. I don’t want to be rushing, so I text my boss informed that I will be going to be late, while the rest of the staff don’t have keys to the office.

The dashboard clock shown 8.40 am precisely when I parked my car. I get out and looked up, and guess what? my office was still locked. Nobody around. Not even my boss who happened to live 5 minutes journey by motorcycle from the office. I got annoyed and irritated. What was the point I sent him a text if he didn’t even bother to show up early?

Okay boss you did this to me. Just remember, what goes around, comes around.

At 10:05 am I text him something about the office matters. Then he called me. He asked whether I already at the office or not. With a voice full of sarcastic tone I said no, I still on the road, driving to the office.

So the office is still closed? He got worried.

Yeah I think so.

I still at home. I just read your text.

What? Boss, I sent you the text sometimes after 7 this morning. How could you not read my text?

Well I just read it. I didn’t notice your text.

His voice was so calm, so remote. I almost felt sorry for him.

It’s okay, I’m at the office now.

So it’s settled then?

Yes, it is.

I am a person who can easily get irritating of something or someone, and I am a person who can easily calming down.

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