I was kind of late person.

23 Jul

No, not late at waking up from sleep. It is late about news. I mean I only found out that this year’s Merdeka tagline was Janji Ditepati. Was that seriously for real?

ImageDo read between the lines.

I remember one of my sister told me this story. At one time, there were some guys from a political party came up to her place. I wasn’t sure on what occasion was that. They distributed a necessities stuff such as beras (this is another thing, why beras and nasi are called rice when they are two different things?) and others. The real funny part was that (well at least for me it was funny), that guy who gave the beras, and at the same time said something like, “Jangan lupa ya, ini sumbangan dari Dato’ XXX dari parti XXX.

I was laughing hard at that time. What a shallow-narrow-minded people they were? And they still are when I found about that tagline. I was tongue-tied when I read that at Eddie’s blog. All I could say was, Hmm.. that was totally, definitely, absolutely very patriotism tagline one country ever came up with.

I just couldn’t imagine what would this year’s celebration look like. Were they going to make the actors in those Janji Ditepati advertisements line up and marching at Dataran? Were they going to put on a big smile on their faces and wave back cheerily at the barisan pemimpin, whom at the same time saluting the marching. Were they supposed to salute at them (the actors)? What for?

I despised those advertisement. It was in another words, they spell it out for us what party should us pick for the next PRU. Mereka langsung tidak ikhlas dalam memberi apa yang telah mereka beri. I was glad that I didn’t received any of those sumbangan. I was just not entitled to.

Our barisan pemimpin sure knows at telling jokes. And what we could do about it? Well, we could just sit back and watch closely for anything that might happened.

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