31st on 25th!

26 Jul

Yesterday was my birthday.

ImageHappy birthday to me!


I text to my crush, telling him it was my birthday. He then wished me and said all the cliché words that people used to tell on birthdays. But he left the jodoh part out. The one that was like “semoga bertemu jodoh hendaknya.”

So I asked him to say those words. Then he replied’ “InsyaAllah akan dimakbulkan.” That was it!

I insisted he say that words. But I never received any reply from him.

It’s not like I asked him to ask me to marry him. I am not that crazy or that desperate. I just wanted him to say those words. Those quite-meaningless-cliche words. But he just kept quite. I was so sad.

This morning I parked beside his car. I hate his car so suddenly. I hate it so much I wished I had this magic wand and bling, the car disappeared. Just like that!

But I play cool.

Then sometimes around 10 am, he entered my office. Oh gosh! He was so handsome! So nice! So good-looking to stare and to see, all my anger and sadness melted away all of a sudden.


I just couldn’t stay mad at him any longer.

Baka! Baka!

I forgot to treat myself a delicious-strawberry-topping cake that I was craving on.

Baka! Baka! Baka!

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