46th on 1st!

01 Aug

Last Saturday, my eldest sister and her children came back home to break fast together with the rest of my family. While in the car, she hinted me that she might going to have another baby. I was shocked. But then I took the news calmly and happily.

ImageCongratulations on you tax deduction.

By Monday, I realized that her birthday was coming and I decided to get her something. A pregnancy test kit. That thing came to my mind so out of blue, just like that. So, that evening after work I dropped by at the pharmacy and purchased that kit. I was kind of hesitated. It was like I did something wrong by purchasing that thing. I mean I am single, even though people couldn’t tell, but deep down my heart I still feel guilty. Keywords: single, pregnancy test kit. Did you get the picture here? Did you see what was going on inside my mind?

So I asked the pharmacy girl which one was suitable. Did you know that there were variety of them? I mean a lot of kinds with different names and prices just for one purpose and I mean one purpose only? I got confused. Thank God I wasn’t the one who is going to go through this. After a few minutes, I grabbed one and headed home.

Today, August 1st was my sister’s birthday. On the way to work, I dropped by at her office. While at the parking lot I called and asked her her whereabouts and wished her the birthday and so on. Then I get out of the car and walked to her office. She was surprised to see me and more surprised when I handed her the nicely-wrapped-birthday present, since I was not really a person who loves presenting birthday’s persons any present whatsoever.

When my sister saw that particular present, she already knew what was inside it. Oh that was really spoiled lah sis. After 30 years being your sister, this was the first time I ever presenting you a present, so could you please be kind enough and act surprised at least for once? Would you?

She was just laughing hard.

p.s. : Since today is your birthday, I will let you boasting to your husband, to your children and to your other sisters about receiving a present from me.

p.s.s. : Happy birthday to you, my dear sister.

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