I’m a girl, am I not?

09 Aug

Last Monday, my brother-in-law took his children to the Bazar Ramadan to buy something for the break-fast. He stopped at one stall when this conversation occurred.

The makcik asked him, “Is it a girl or a boy?” Motioning to his 3-year old child he was carrying on his hip.

My brother-in-law asked her back, “What do you think?”

The makcik said, “Is a girl.”

My brother-in-law smiled, “He is a boy.”

Yesterday there was a television guy came over to the house. My nephew stopped running around (he was playing with his imaginary friends, well, that’s what I always thought) and watched the guy installing the television.

A moment later, my nephew’s bowel movements decided to take turn to get out. After done bathing, he ran upstairs naked. The television guy saw his private part and suddenly blurted out, “I thought he is a girl!”

My mum just smiling. Another person in this world tricked by his appearance.

Every time we, the family, asked him what gender he is, he will answer us proudly, “I am a girl!”


I am a boy in girl’s hair.

Despite what others assumption are about his appearances, I still see him as a boy. A normal 3-years old kid whom a dear to me and to my family.


My sisters took this nephew to the shopping mall yesterday. They dropped by at the fast-food restaurant to buy some lunch. They ordered the meal and the cashier asked them, which toys they would like to have. She guided them to the girls’ toys part.

The cashier: “Kak, there are for boys’ toys. Your kid is a girl, and girls’ toys are here.”

My sister [the mum]: “No, my kid is a boy.”

The cashier: “But he doesn’t look like a boy. She’s a girl, right?”

My sister [the mum]: “No, he is a boy!”

My other sister [not the mum] already teach him in  the car about his gender. He got it right a few times. But then when people asked him again, he keep forgetting and answer the opposite gender.

I think he still confused with his own gender because his imaginary friends keep him believing he is a girl since all of them are girls.


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