A greeting and book review.

27 Aug

After 9 excited-turn-to-wonderful-but-tiring-day-turn-to-boring days, I am back at the office.


Welcome back!


Rebecca Robbins, A Guardian for Angel.


285 pages.

I found this review over the Internet. It said:

I usually purchase these older books because they generally don’t have flagrant sexual encounters. They are usually fun, sentimental love stories with an occasional laugh or two. This had a great premise and a fun beginning, but then went beyond what I prefer, leaving the hero and heroine not so heroic and me a bit disappointed in them both.

I started the book somewhere around 11 p.m. and finished somewhere around 4 a.m. 5hours to finished a 285 pages paperback. I was so determined to finish the book. I didn’t even jump to the final pages, something that I usually done when reading paperback. For that I think I deserved a pat in the back.

So I finished the book. I didn’t really happy with the ending. I mean of course it was a happy ending, but I don’t like the way it ends.

Back in that years, when you were a girl, and you slashed the face of the very handsome-rich-most-popular man in the ton, (but of course he was the devil of the story, otherwise you would not slashed him at the first place, would you?) and you let him live with those hideous scars, didn’t you think, we the readers are deserved a plot where your handsomest-guardian-who-very-much-in-love-with-you, Lord Darcy to be told about those in details? And didn’t you think you were the one who supposed to tell him the details, and not your stableman?

Okay, so it was okay for it was your stableman who told the story, but at least let him elaborated the details. Tell us what was really happened back there? Actually, there was a part in the middle of the chapter where Lady Angelique Arundel relived the details, but come on, in the middle of the chapter? And guess who she relived the story to? To the doer. The man who tried to rape her. Great!

I really wish that Lady Angelique would relived to story to Lord Darcy, and I couldn’t wait to see how Lord Darcy would react. But I guess I would never had that chance, wouldn’t I?

And for that reason I agreed with the above comment. Full stop.

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