Not always working – Part 1.

11 Sep

Last Saturday I went to Watsons to do some purchasing (things that usually only available at Watsons). While checking out my purchasing, the cashier showed me the available products for Purchased-With-Purchased items. Since my purchasing worth more than RMXX.XX I entitled for those PWP items. The salesgirl appointed item A since I also bought that item. Price for item A was RM9.50 so after PWP @ 40% the price would be RM5.70.

Then I thought, wow that was really cheap. What a price? So I agreed to buy that item. Once she rounded up the price, I was like, “Eh, why were they that much when I already have a discount?”

But how silly I was back then, I just walked out of that store without ever bother to re-check the receipt.

So today, when I re-check the receipt, I found out that the exact price for item A was actually RM15.80 and only after PWP @ 40% it priced RM9.50. Different compared to what she told me earlier that day.

To double confirmed, I called the customer service hotline number, and yes, she reconfirmed that the receipt was indeed correct. I felt kind of cheated. The cashier and the salesgirl said different things and I was so stupid believed in them.

Persons should be blame was:

1. MYSELF, for believing people so blindly.

2. MYSELF, again! For not re-checking the receipt before leaving.

3. MYSELF, and again! For not listening my instinct.

4. The salesgirl. She told me different things (in other words, she LIED!)

5. The last person would be the cashier, since she was the one who checked out my items but not bother to re-correct her colleagues.

I feel cheated! For I would not buy that item if I knew that would be the price.

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