What Would You Do For A Fiver?

03 Oct

You’d probably do anything for a million quid, wouldn’t you? But a grand? A ton? What about a fiver? Doesn’t buy you a lot but it’s still a fiver, eh?

For a fiver, would you..
.. pick someone else’s nose and eat the bogie?

For a tenner, would you..
.. take a shot of vodka through your eye?

For £ 50, would you..
.. let a spider crawl across your tongue?

For £ 500, would you..
.. shave half your hair and facial hair and keep one side clean shaven for a week?

For £ 1,500, would you..
.. have a full body wax and maintain it for six months?

For £ 5,000, would you..
.. go snorkeling in a sewage plant?

For £ 25,000, would you..
.. touch a heated up soldering iron to your tongue for ten seconds?



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