2nd Appointment.

08 Oct

On 10th September went to Selayang Hospital for a 2nd appointment. Actually it was not an appointment to meet a specialist, but an appointment to do a CT (Computed Tomography) Scan.

Still not familiar with the route, had to stop at 4 different places just to ask direction, for I missed the first flyover. Been calling the hospital 3 times asking for direction but not really helping. Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes wasted since I supposedly took the first flyover.

Arrived at the counter at 9.50 am. They misunderstood, thought I came to make an appointment. I cleared the web by mentioning I came for the appointment, not to make one.

Received a number, waiting for 10 minutes, then enter the room. They asked me whether I felt like to go to the toilet? I said no, since I already emptied my bladder as soon as I arrived here. And for that, they gave me a cup of plain water to refill my bladder. For the period, they’ve been asking me the same question over again, and they still received the same answer. No.

They gave another cup of water. But this time, not a plain water. I do not know its name, I saw the jug but never bother to memorize the name written on it. It tasted like.. Have you ever accidentally chew star anise? Did you remember what it tasted? Imagine this. A fistful of star anise blended with water. You filtered the water and you drink it. It tasted like that! It was the same kind of taste the water I had, in order to make my bladder full in short time. Yuck!

I once did the same test at Sungai Buloh Hospital. Compared to Selayang, Sungai Buloh was much better in handling me. I mean, the attendance was a girl, which was more comfortable for me. When I done with the scan, she would draw the curtain, giving me some privacy. But in Selayang, no. You have to handle all by yourself. I mean Selayang are much better in technology, but they lack in humanity and privacy.

Waiting for the result for another 20 minutes, then the attendance told me that all the records will directly store in my database. In order to find out I have to attend the next appointment with the specialist clinic.

So I drove home. Missed an exit. I called my friend. He works at the hospital near my office. He always went to Selayang Hospital for a bunch of meetings, so he guided me successfully to the highway. Thanks so much to him.

Couldn’t wait for the next appointment to hear the result.

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