Malay Novel vs. Bollywood Film.

10 Oct

For the past few days I have been reading 3 Malay novels which were:

1. Isteri Separuh Masa by Suri Ryana
2. Kampung Girl by Umi Kalsom
3. Love You, Mr. Arrogant by Aliesha Kirana.

I don’t want to go on a lengthy review of my opinion about those books. I just want to summarize it by comparing them to Bollywood films.

Bollywood Films (at random):
1. Normally about love, friendship and family.
2. A wealthy hero and poor heroine or vice versa.
3. Hero and heroine loves each other, but not approved by either side of the family.
4. Not to forget a bad villain. A very bad one.
5. Additional characters that had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline.
6. Happily ever after ending! Absolutely!

Malay Novels (3 that I mentioned above):
1. About love, family and business.
2. Forced marriage; they are married without his or her consent.
3. The hero came from a very wealthy family and is working at the family’s company.
4. The heroine came from a middle class family of kampung. She is pictured as a very nice, sweet and good-looking girl wearing tudung.
5. The hero would hate the heroine, but after married cupid will be doing his job as they will fall in love to each other.
6. The hero used to have a girlfriend, but no longer together and the ex or the memories would be back haunting the hero.
7. The hero would absolutely choose the heroine, for he already fell in love her.
8. Happily ever after ending! Compulsory!

But regardless any of the comparisons above, these products are highly demanded by consumer. A simple and light storyline, repeated over again but by a different titles/ authors/ producers, different places and different actors/ characters.

Anyway, this was my opinion only. There are so many films and books out there, just pick any that suit you most and enjoy them.

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One response to “Malay Novel vs. Bollywood Film.

  1. aishahkay

    11/10/2012 at 10:04 am

    i tak minat sangat novel melayu.
    kecuali kalau i dapati isi dia tu, berkait dengan realiti hidup.
    bagi i most of the malay novels are based on khayalan je lebih… hahaha jahat nya rasa.
    tata, i suka novel jaja dan din. kalau u belum baca, trylah cari. 😉


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