3rd Appointment.

15 Oct

My 3rd appointment was on 25th September. Went out earlier compared to another appointments before. A very smooth and clear journey. No lost, no missed flyover, no whatsoever. I made it without getting lost. Perfect! Thanks to the-never-meet-face-to-face-person whom guided me to the hospital successfully.

Arrived at the basement at 8.05 am. Went to the counter, registered my name, received a number and wait. My number was an early number, been waiting since 8.40 am, and been called out only at 12.50pm.

The result? Alhamdulillah. The doctor said that I don’t have to come to the hospital for another appointment anymore. Only if there is another pain, then I have to go to the emergency immediately!

I have been smiling all the way out and all the way to the basement. Drove home without missing an exit.

Another day with happy ending. Sigh..


p.s. Not really happy though, for someone has left some mark with the dent on my rear car while it was parked at the basement. Not so obvious, but one could tell it if they see it properly. Sigh..

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