Eh! Wat Yu Talking?

24 Oct

I bought a bunch of pre-loved books from my friend. One of them is “Eh! Wat Yu Talking? Chronicles of Malay Humour”. This book was written by Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas back at 2007. I really had a high hope that I would enjoy this book.

I read all the few pages of introduction, not missing a single word, really, I sure was going to enjoy this book.

Then I read the first humour. Then the second, the third and so on. I could still stand for the compression of the words. A 3/4 page words, a Comic Sans MS type of font, with all the dialogues compressed together in one paragraph. Imagine you have to read all those words in just one breath. How would you think it felt? It was hard to breathe.

Until the 9th humour, The Pony and The Buffalo, where I caught this sentence, “Dear God, You have been God for so long but it seems You are incapable of making the distinction between a pony and a buffalo.”

I was shocked! I stopped reading, turn on the cover, just to make sure I was wrong, to see who was the writer. I felt sad. How could people easily playing God’s name for humour?

I continue to humour 17, another humour about God, and finally I stopped at humour 19, a humour where Pak Pandir holding a dog. A Muslim man holding a dog. A dog! Not a cat!. I just could not bear to finish this book. I felt very sad! Very disappointed. The writer has no sensibility about religions and God. He easily humouring a religious man. I wonder what he felt when he read the book. Did he ever read the book?

For all 19 humours I read,  not a single humour could put me into laughing, not even a giggle or a smiling. Just shocking and sadness.

Instead of all those absolute insulting and sarcastically details, this book did received a very high demand, for it has been printed 5 times in 8 months after publishing.

Sad. Thankfully I received this book for free, for it was not worth to buy.

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