Thanks to you too.

30 Oct

I stopped by at the grocery store after work yesterday. When I was reaching my car, I met my old neighbor. A lady in early 50s. While we shake hand she said, “Congratulations for the completion of loan payment.”

I was surprised. “Did you received the letter as well?”

“Yes, and I’m glad that you finished your loan. Alhamdulillah.”

“Alhamdulillah, and thanks to you too for being my guarantor. I really appreciated it.”

Then she told me, that there is another guy whom she being his guarantor too, but he failed to pay the loan back. She was so sad. That guy furthered his study abroad, and maybe now is back and already receiving a big, fat paycheck, but never bother to pay that loan.

I feel so sad too for her.

I heard the same kind of stories, almost the same. It happened to one of my female cousin. We are the same age. She just graduated at that time. She borrowed from PTPTN, but she refused to pay. I never know why she had that attitude or if she still have that attitude. She said that what they (PTPTN) could do if she refused to pay? The worst things are her name could be blacklisted and she could be declared as bankrupt. That’s are all. I was shocked. Did she ever thought about her guarantors? Which was my uncle and auntie? Not her parents though, but our other uncle and auntie. Did she ever think about them? I hope she did, for she will bring problems to them too.

What a selfish and ego brat. I really hate that kind of person. Always think about themselves, never about the others. Did they think that this world is revolves around themselves only?

Back to my story, there were two guarantors for my loan. One was the lady above,  and another one was my male cousin. He died at Hari Raya Aidiladha a year ago. So now I finished my loan, at least one of his debt in this world is settled. So there won’t be any unfinished business of him in my part.

May Allah rest his soul in peace. InsyaAllah.


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