Do you need lime?

05 Nov

Yesterday my sister and I were preparing for rendang. She was slicing the meat into smaller part and washing them at the sink. I was just standing next to her, doing nothing but watching her. There was a bottle of Glo Liquid Dish Wash beside the bowl of meat. I took the bottle and was pretending to pour it into the bowl.

My sister jerk. “Hey, what are you doing?!”

“I though you want some lime to wash the meat with?”

She was blur. “Haa?”

“See. WITH LIME!” I pointed to the bottle.

We were laughing like a loon.

Lime anyone?

For this year’s Aidiladha, my family received a lot of meat. And when I said a lot, I mean really, really a lot for a family of 6 people. Almost 20 kilos of meat. We already decided what to do with the meat. To make a rendang, a soup and a black-pepper with mushroom and fried potatoes. Unfortunately my mum is not a meat-eater, so it would take like a months in order to finished the meat.

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