My sad, sad day.

22 Nov

1. My company ordered a custom-made bubble wrap bags from a manufacturer. The order arrived this noon. Later I found out that the order was not exactly the order that we specified. What was the reason? Easy. Misunderstanding!

2. Called the courier company, asked for the transportation charges for the routine-order for the above order. A cut-throat charge of RM370.80! The price of the bags were only RM121.00 including taxes!

3. To release tension of case number 1 and 2, I went to bind some papers. Actually those papers were not important, but I just wanted the feeling I get when I punched the machine and the sound that it made. It almost Asar time, so I went to see the timetable. Asar time was 16:24 pm. 04:24 pm! I have been performing my Asar at 04:10 pm for the past few days!

4. I received two text messages from a political party. I hate those messages. I hate everything that has to do with any political parties. I tried to block their numbers but to no avail. Why? Because my smart-phone was not really smart, it could only store up to 20 numbers. So I have to delete some numbers to make room for those two arrogant numbers. How come they (political parties) are able to attain our phone numbers easily? I mean who supplied them our numbers? I never allowed and I never would allowed anyone who has my number to distribute to the others.

Now I am waiting for my boss to come to the office, and waiting for him to nag me, to scold me regarding case no. 2.


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