Clarification of miscommunication.

28 Nov

This is the real situations that led to the cut-throat RO charges.

1. I asked that manufacturer to provide me the real measurement of the parcel that the courier company was about to pick-up. She gave me the measurement, in inches and weight in kilos.

2. I then called the courier person and asked her the price for those measurement. Noted that I didn’t mention them that the measurement was in inches. She gave me the price, which was less than RM50. So I faxed the order to proceed with the RO.

3. The next day, once the parcel arrived, on the weight part on the AWB stated 100 kg. One hundred kilos? Did I misheard what the manufacturer was telling me yesterday? I thought it was only 9 kg. So I called the courier person again to double confirm the price, which was RM 370.80!

Which part was the miscommunication? The units part.

The measurement that I have was in inches. The measurement that they used was in cm. It never occurred to me to tell them about that little thing. In my kind of work, it is very rare for us to use cm. Never I quote anything in cm.

What was really annoying me was that those misunderstanding could be avoided, COULD BE, if only, IF ONLY, that courier person knows that that tiny, puny, little thing we call double quote symbol is for inch units. I wrote down that symbols on the order that I faxed to her office.

I called her later, asked her did she knows what that symbol was for? She clearly admit, she did not know. She never bother to find out, or at least call me to verify it. If only she took her sweet little time to call me, all these matters would not be happen.


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