A true friend then.

01 Dec

From someone very special in my heart to someone that I know for more than eight years. Eight wonderful years.

Today, for the first time you quote me that I am your true friend. A very true friend. That is exactly what my mind just set into. That is something that I never wish to let you know about. But you did realize it without me telling you so. I just realized now, how we always had a same thought about something, but we never tell each other about it.

Just like when I really missed you, and you would suddenly materialize in front of me. When I really wished to hear your voice, you would suddenly calling me. Whenever you’re going to take a holiday, or just a day off, you would come to my office and talked about anything or talked about something. That was a way for us to let each other knows that we would be missing one another. We just know it but we never admit it. At least not openly.

We were really a special pair.

Thank you so much my dear ex-someone special in my heart.


I missed you already dear.

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