Double Tap

20 Dec

Double Tap by Steve Martini. I really enjoy this book.

A double tap is a shooting technique where two well-aimed shots are fired at the same target with very little time in between shots.

What I love about Martini’s works are Paul Madriani’s thought. I mean, I could imagine when someone is reading it with a straight face, then stumble on these quotes, his or her face would suddenly changed and crack a giggle. So did I. Even if they could not make you laugh, for me they are still out of courtroom kind of situation quotes. These are some of them.

1. Templeton would go back to the videotape and ask Rufus what he saw on it, but he knows the judge would come off the bench and beat him to death with his gavel.

2. If it were possible, Perryman would crawl out of the box at this moment on his belly, slither like a serpent out into the hall, and disappear.

3. I take the pistol from his hand before he can run to a gun shop to buy a bullet.

I normally do not really fond of any first-person narrator books, but books by Steve Martini will definitely an exceptional.

Done with Double Tap, now in the process of finishing Shadow of Power.

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