I work alone.

21 Dec

The company that I work for has been fully established since 2003. I joined that company at August 2004 as the first female employee ever. Today on Dec 2012 after more than 8 years, we already had 5 female employees come and go, leaving me as the only female employee that maintain in this company.

I used to work alone, and still use to. When I said alone I mean alone as the only female in here. I am much okay working with men, when there are sometimes up to 4 men at one time in this small company. I love my surrounding, which is not having another female person as a coworker. I am not picking at any gender here, it just that I am not quite comfortable working with female.

Early this month, my boss decided that I need another female employee as my assistant. So we put up a help notice. Never thought that we were going to received many applications. After one week, we pull down the notice. My boss and I narrowing down the candidates until only two persons left. He asked me to choose one, since I am the one who is going to work with her. I did, and I asked him to choose one too, so that if something happen later, I am not the only one whom going to take the blame. Turn out we chose the same person.

So today is her first day here. So far she is being so good. Help me out with things, has sense to learn something new, alert with her surrounding. I hope she will maintain that attitude no matter where she work.


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