New Uniform.

26 Dec

School holiday is almost ended, that’s mean parents’ wallet will be ripped out until almost nothing left. I’m single, but still I could feel the heat of all these.

I have a form 2 nephew whom living together with me. He is staying in a hostel. 2012’s uniform was a green long sleeve shirt, black trousers, black shoes and a red tie. 4 sets of them. Enough for a week supplies. 2013’s uniform will be a white long sleeve shirt, dark green trousers, black shoes and a red tie. Not to mention that the samping also need to be changed from red batik to plain blue color.

I don’t know why they suddenly changed those uniform. I mean, if I were those people who made this decision, I would think as a parents. For those whose uniforms are still okay, they can still wear them. But once they decided to buy a new one, they have to buy a new set of uniform following the rule. I will give an extra year max. for the new rule to fully applied.

My sister and I already decided not to buy any new uniform for 2013, for the old ones are still okay. My nephew is okay with that too. But once we received the letter from school, all hopes and plans are flushed into a drain. A pair of wings materialized on a notes and getting reading to fly away.

I am wondering, maybe the person who did this decision, she or he just woke up one morning and decided, “Okay today I would love to burdensome some parents and changed the whole set of uniform.” Maybe! But did she or he not think that all these are such a waste? Money waste. Clothes waste. But wait, not all are waste. There is still something that we gain from all these. Stressed! Yes! That is it! We the parents are gain STRESS!

Congratulations to those people who made this decision, that you guys are always in my mind and my prayer.

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