Do not postpone.

31 Dec

It was 30 minutes past 5 in the afternoon. My colleague and I were getting ready to go home. I asked her whether she already perform her Asr? She said she planned on doing it at home. Then I asked her again, how about if something happen on your way home? Accident or something? She replied me by saying something like I should not said something like that as I wish those to happen. Then I said, I never meant that, it just that we do not know what was written for us, right?

Then I told her that I had that kind of situation before. A similar situation. I was so intent on my reading, thus I did not perform my Isha’ until 11.30 in the evening. But by that time, I just found out that I already had my period. As the result of my irresponsibility, I just missed a salaah time purposely.

Do not postpone your salaah, performing them at the early time is the best thing to be done.

She took my advise.

Good girl!

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