Favorite Couple.

28 Jan

I watched Law & Order: Special Victim Unit marathon last night. 5 succeeding episodes. Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler definitely are my favorite couple.

In “Pursuit” last night was about Alicia Harding, host of the “Neighborhood Predator” television series, gets a bloody scarf in the mail along with death threats. Executive ADA Sonya Paxton informs the SVU that she worked with the same woman years ago trying to find her sister’s abductor before the case went cold.

There was this part when Olivia discovered that Sonya has been slashed to death at the ladies. She was so sad and really need someone to hug. Then I was like, oh how I wished Stabler were here to hug her. So when Olivia went out the ladies, the first person she saw was Stabler! He just get there. When he saw Olivia, he ran to her and they embraced.

Here is the exact moment I copied from somewhere else.

As Benson leaves the room, she sees Stabler approach and he runs to her. She says “I’m really glad you’re back” and as they console each other with a long embrace, he says, “I should have come back sooner.” She says she is fine, and he says, “Like hell you are.”


So sweet!

They really made my night. Here is another quotes that I loved.

Elliot: Do you want me to cut my visit short?
Olivia: No, no, I’m covered, I’m good.
Elliot: Well Fin may have your six, but he’s definitely not me.
Fin: No I’m better. I actually watch her back, not her backside.

But it is sad when Christopher Meloni decided not to continue the contract for the upcoming seasons. Law & Order would never be the same without him.

So long Elliot.

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