Penang, China?

02 Feb

Late in the afternoon yesterday, my boss asked me to install a program in a laptop. Since the laptop was password protected, I had to call the owner in order to find out the password.

Me: “May I know what is your password?”

Him: “It is a, l, p, h, a, p, c.”

Me: “D, C?”

Him: “No. It is P, C!”

Me: “P, C? As in Penang, China?”

Him: “No, no! P, C!”

Me: “Yes, I heard you. Just to make sure the correct word, is it P Penang, and C China?”

Him: “No, no! It is P! P, C!” [Getting irritating] My password is A. L. P..’

Me: [I cut him] “Yes I know your password is A. L. P. H. A. P. C. Just to make sure the last two alphabets. Do you know how to spell Penang, right? So is it P as in Penang?”

Him: [Getting really, really irritating] “NO! You don’t have to type down all the words Penang, China! It is P! C!”

Me: [Getting tired of all these]. “Okay, I got it!”

I always read, and amused how stupid some people would and could be. But not even once in my life that I could imagine to meet this kind of person and to have this kind of conversation.

You, young man just made up my day!

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