I had a hunch.

06 Feb

This thing happened almost a month ago. I decided to write this down after reading another blog about the-almost-same-thing-happened.

I had a hunch. I always believed in my hunch. Sometimes I just knew something would happened but I could not pin point it what is it until it was too late and there was nothing I could do about it. As people says, we human are just planning, but The Above is The Decider.

It was Sunday afternoon. My mum was staying at my brother’s place, while my sister, my brother-in-law and my 3 years old nephew went to visit their son/brother at the hostel. I was left alone in the house. I was doing some gardening at the backyard. Before that I made sure to lock both my front house-doors and lock my car (for I always left my car doors unlocked especially on Sundays.) While I was tending my garden, I had a bad feeling, just out of blue. I was thinking that, “Here I am at the backyard, leaving the front house unattended, what if something happened and I could not hear it? Could not aware of it?”

Then I just recited Ayat Kursi to get rid of that bad feeling.

The next morning, none of us realized what was missing, yet. Around mid-morning, my sister called me and said that my nephew’s tricycle was missing. I was shocked and sad and disappointed. I still can remember his audible sad voice at the background asking where is his bicycle.

My sister did not even realized the bike was missing, until my nephew asked her, “Maa, sikal mana?” But then it was too late. When she told him that the bike went missing, he could not understand a word “hilang”. He is just 3 years old. He could not understand that meaning. He kept asking where is his bike? Where is his bike? It was sad.

I felt angry to the culprit who stole that bike. Come on, it was only a RM80 worth of bike, and it aged more than months! Not to mention the bike already broke here and there, and yet that culprit still had the desire to stole it. Did not he ever thought of the owner? A 3 years old boy. How would he felt when his most loved treasure went missing? Or how about the family? Who had to dealt with the boy, explaining to him about his missing possession? Did he ever thought any of that?

Well, if he ever did, this thing would never happen.

And to mend my nephew’s feeling, and ours too, after work that day I dropped by at the same store and bought a new one.

Enjoy your bike Abie, and don’t forget to park it inside the house at night.

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