Wrong daughter, mum.

16 Feb

I received a phone call from mum’s first born a.k.a my eldest sister. She told me to call back our mum. Okay, I did.

The next day, she called me again and asked me to call back our mum, again!

When my sister answered the phone call from our mum, the first words she heard was, “Ta! Ta!” Then she replied, “Mum, this is me, Na.” Then we knew our mum got a wrong number! Twice of that!

I told my sister, maybe because we have a similar name but with only one letter different, and her name is the first on the list than mine, and since mum could not really see clearly, so she just dialed the first name she saw. So mum called my sister, and my sister called me and I called my mum back.

Somehow I don’t know why but I think it was kind of cute of my mum.

My sister said she had a new job while on a holiday, which was being an operator for our mum. We were laughing over that.


A similar thing ever happened to my fourth sister whom living in Petaling Jaya. My mum called her, and she called me back just to tell me to call back our mum, whom at that time was in a clinic.

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