So long, Mr. Grisham.

23 Feb

I have a collection of books of John Grisham. I have been collecting them since 2009, and now I have decided to let go of them, some.

Keeping them on my bookshelves, lining them up alphabetically, snuggle them to each other, for 3 years, it was an amazing feeling I ever had. Just by seeing them added to the pile from one book to two, and three, to four and now the total of twenty-two of them, seeing them every time I passed by the shelves, I feel proud of myself. This is my dearest collection of a whole books. It was like a bonding between I and them, and it was sad watching them go. Really sad.

But I had no choice. I do not have enough space. I kept telling my sister that I need to buy another shelves to store my books. I even had some of them – 4 boxes of Double AA paper – stored in the office. But the collections are keep growing. More books are keep coming in, even though I keep reminding myself, that I have to stop buying books. But I just could not help myself. Each time I heard books, pre-loved books, second hand books, used books, any of them, my ears perk up. So I keep buying them.

Yesterday, I sorted out the books at the office, found out that I have another box of unread books. I brought home. My sister saw them and sigh, another books.

So today I decided to let go the total of nineteen books of John Grisham. I left three which are The Client, The Rainmaker and The Firm, so that I could re-read them in the future.

Bye bye Mr. Grisham.

Bye bye Mr. Grisham.

Also, I decided to let go five of Julie Garwood’s books.

So long Ms. Garwood.

So long Ms. Garwood.

Anyone interested, may contact me for further details or visit my shop here

The collections that I will definitely not to let go are Lee Child and Steve Martini. Err.. for time being.

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