01 Mar

I was stepping out of the bathroom when I saw my mum standing beside the stove, holding a spatula. A melted spatula.

She asked me who did this? I told her elder sister did. My sister heard us and asked what is it? Mum said, it was you who being a very clever cook, placed a spatula beside a boiling kettle on the stove! She said she was sorry. She forgot.

I said, “You made a moler spatula.”

My sister replied, “Moler? What is that?”

My mum said, “Not moler, molor.”

Before anyone of us replied, my mum corrected her own word by saying, “Not molor. This is not a rubber. It was lumer. Melted.”

We were laughing. See, even mums tend to lost words sometimes.



p/s: Lumer is melted in Javanese.

p/p/s: Molor is word used in term for rubber. Don’t ask me what it is, for I don’t know the exact meaning in Bahasa, let alone in English.

p/p/p/s: Moler is not even a word. I blurted it out after my brain picked up two words that has something to do with melted, I combined them into one, and it became that word. MOLor + lumER = MOLER.

p/p/p/p/s: Today, March 1st is my abovementioned sister’s birthday. Happy birthday sis!

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