Blog hopping.

07 Mar

According to,

Blog hopping IS NOT surfing the net and reading some blogs here and there at random. Blog hopping is when you find a few blogs that you think are really cool, written by people you can really relate to and you visit them regularly. These people feel a special bond towards each other and visit and comment on the blogs in their circle daily!

Blog hopping is when people surf the net and find blogs that our their favorites. They visit them daily and forge virtual friendships with the author of the blog and the other blog visitors. It makes their day brighter and gives then something to look forward to!

blog hopping
I totally agreed with it! Once I found out a blog that I like then I would bookmark that blog and make it my daily must-read pages. For most of the blogs I just read the posts, but not the comments. I don’t really into reading others’ comments, for in those comments would definitely have the URL for readers’ blogs. Once I click on the URL I will be connected to the other page, and the other page will be connected to another page, and so on and on. Those kind of things are messy to me, and I hate messy things.

For example, this morning I read the comments. There was a commentator who leave a message something like “Follow me back, please, tq.”, together with the URL. When I clicked on it, it brought me to another website. And guess what the website was all about? It was about a business in beauty and ladies accessories! Oh gosh, that was among the things I loathe.

I may be a woman, but not that kind of real woman. I’m not the type that into beauty and fashion and accessories or any girly things! I am not. With this kind of experience, that’s why I don’t read comments. Even my blog has less comments, and I totally okay with it.

I still enjoy blog hopping though, for those sites really made my day.
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