Stupid and arrogant mums.

15 Mar

See that word mums with ‘s’ on it? It means plural. Two mums. Two different women with the same title, mums. But, that word do not end there, it has another word attached before that particular word, which are STUPID MUM and ARROGANT MUM!



I was driving home when I noticed a car in front of me, where there were a mum, an approximately 3 years old kid and approximately 9 months infant in the small, red car. I called the mum the STUPID MUM!


Because she was driving with the infant sitting on her lap between herself and the wheel. Got that picture here?


Just an example.

The same exact situation, except that the kid in my situation is much more smaller and younger. The mum really, really is a STUPID MUM!

I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. Her STUPIDITY really made my tongue tied.



On the same day after I encounter that aforementioned mum, I stopped by at my friend’s restaurant to pick up dinner. While waiting for my order, I sat down beside a table of a mum, her an approximately 1 year old kid and another lady (her nanny perhaps). The mum was talking on the phone. The kid was playing with the mum’s purse. When the purse fell down on the floor, the kid cried. The mum got mad, slap the kid on the hand, grabbed the purse, scold the kid with the harsh words. The kid cried louder.

Oh gosh, mum! He was just a kid! What a kid knows about other things? All he wants just what he wants. Please spare his dignity, his honor by not scolding him in public. It’s your honor too I am talking about.

Again, I’m speechless of another person’s arrogance.

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