Zinnia Bright Yellow 01

18 Mar

My first attempt to grow Agrostemma and Sunflower Moulin Rouge had failed. When I refer to the teacher, he said maybe either I plant the seed to deep or I had the unsuitable soil. I think I plant it too deep. For some seeds a 2.5 cm might a little too deep, while for some seeds that depth is just good.

This is my second attempt to grow Zinnia Bright Yellow.

After 4 days.

After 4 days.

After 10 days.

After 10 days.

At this big, they are ready to be transfer into bigger pots. One plant per pot, for one plant can get very bushy. Oh, I really can’t wait for them to get bushy. I’m so excited.

So yesterday I transferred them into a bigger pots, and placed them under direct sun. Zinnias are known as a hot weather lovers and will sit and wait for the temperature to warm up before really starting to grow.

I really hope you guys will grow just fine.

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