A shortcut virus.

21 Mar

Just recently my computer had been attacked by a virus, hence, my removable drive became a shortcut. A shortcut virus, as people normally encountered are where all the folders became shortcut. Like this one.

Shortcut, shortcut, shortcut and another shortcut!

But, that was not what my removable drive became. It became this!

This shortcut!

That shortcut!

When I double clicked on that removable disk, all my original files will appear on another new window, and all the files are accessible as usual with no problem. But what made it really a big problem was that shortcut! It was getting under my skin and really annoying me. Any drives that I plugged into my computer will be infected and became a shortcut.

I tried on the basics solution such as attrib command prompt, shortcut remover software, scanned it with different antiviruses, but none of them succeed. I asked around and most of my suppliers told me to format the drive. Oh hello, didn’t you guys knew if I know that was the only solution available, I would not bothered you guys asking that question, would I?

I Google on the web about that problem, but only a few articles or forums available on that topic, but none of them had the solution. So I decided to registered to a forum and asked around. At first they gave me the same kind of suggestions as I had tried before. I attached that above picture, they understood the problem and gave me a few suggestions.

For the first suggestion, they asked me to go to this URL, and I tried it out. Things get even worse when my system went hanged and I have to reboot it more than once.

Actually there are two computers were having the same problem. Since my computer got busted after the first suggestion-trial, I decided to tried the second suggestion at the second computer, and I tried this!

1. Open up my command prompt program.
2. Type f: and Enter
3. Will appear F:\>
4. Type attrib -h -s /s *.* /d and hit Enter.

When the process is done, minimize the Command Prompt. Open up my removable drive (F) and try to delete the removable drive (2GB) shortcut.

I tried and it worked! Just to double confirm, I unplugged and re-plugged my drive. Guess what? The drive is virus-free! Heh. Heh. Heh. Problem solved! Thank you so, so much to that person.

On the other oh-not-so-bright side, my original computer needed to be formatted as the last resort. I remember the last time that particular computer was formatted was at the year of 2007. Almost 6 years of problem-free, only now it created a problem, so I decided to award that computer something for its loyalty to me. I added another hard disk for an extra storage!  So that they could have a spacious room of storage to breath.

Hah! Take that my loyal computer! May you may serve me for a very long time ahead.

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