A new words 01.

29 Mar

According to Concise Oxford Dictionary;

1. skedaddle verb informal depart quickly.

2. bordello noun (plural bordellos) a brothel.

3. ambidextrous adjective able to use the right and left hands equally well.

4. ensconce verb establish in a comfortable, safe, or secret place.


Where did I found these words? I found them on A Perfect Arrangement by Jude Deveraux.


It is actually one of the novella out of three in one book, The Invitation. Another two novellas are The Invitation itself and Matchmakers. I definitely adored A Perfect Arrangement much more compared to the others. I even pulled it out back from my going-to-sell-in-order-to-clear-my-shelves book list. I do not wish to let it go.

A book that is always inside my drawer beside my bed. A bedtime story book, well, if you want to call that.

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