My first harvest.

05 Apr

After almost 4 months, finally the long beans are ready to be harvested. Yay.


From 8 rows of trellis, consist of 4 plants each rows, came about 13 long beans for the first time harvest. Others are needed to wait for another day or two or maybe three, top.

Noticed a drain on the photo? Well, that is the drain that I talked about in one of my page above. See how grassy the floor is? Glad I finally noticed how fertile this land is.

Talking about the firsts, well here is my another first. My first infant okra.


I have forgotten which kind of seed that I sowed, whether the normal seeds or the hybrid seeds of okra. I really hope it will be the latter, which it will produce more than one okra in one plant.

My zinnia is getting bushier every day.



Bushy? You called this bushy?

Well, it is bushy if you look closer, I mean the real one, not the photo one. I don’t know why the photo did not show its bushiness.

Well, I guess I am not a very good photographer after all, not to mention that this photo was taken using a near to chokia phone.

The last one is my kai-lan.


I plan to do many things for my garden, but really don’t have much time. I’m thinking about an additional time. How am I to have an extra time? For example, get off of the work at 6 pm sharp and shorten my journey by speeding!

Ha ha ha. Just kidding.

Never speed okay! It is like you dig your own grave.

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