EPF e-Caruman.

10 Apr

My company decided to start using e-Caruman for the monthly payment of EPF. I went to their website and studied the procedure.


I prepared for the Surat Perakuan, but not until I saw the Nota: Hanya item (b) dan (c) diperlukan bagi majikan berstatus kerajaan.

So since we are a non-government office, I decided to pull out the Surat Perakuan from the checklist.

This morning I dropped by at the nearest EPF Office with the main purpose to register i-Akaun for myself and for my company, but only to be told that:

1. I have to bring along the Surat Perakuan. I told her that we are a non-government office -refer to the Nota. She said that only applied to the owner. Since I am not the owner, that makes me the representative and the representative must have a Surat Perakuan.

2. In the Surat Perakuan must contain details of the representative’s name, id number, mobile number AND email. When I said it did not mention any email at the web, she just said, email is NEEDED.

Those two things are a CRUCIAL information and they are NEEDED to be put on the web, but you guys never bothered to do so. Hence, made me wasting my time when all these could be save with enough information.

Tomorrow I have to go back there again. I hope, really hope that everything will go smoothly.

p.s: When the lady asked me was there anything that she can help with, I just waived her by saying, “Sorry, I wasted my time.”

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