Happy Birthday Dear.

10 Apr

I know this person. A man. I don’t know what to call him. I mean I don’t know how to describe his relationship to me, as he has nothing to do with my family. He is just a customer at first, but then one thing led to another, and ..

Today is his birthday, April 10th. This morning when I get into my car, I did remember to text him, but I said to myself that it can be wait. When I arrived at the office, get into a parking lot, I saw a car – when talking about a car, I will notice the registration number first, then its type, its color and so on. Once I saw the plate number, something inside me ticked. I parked beside it and saw a firefighter’s uniform.

He is a firefighter! So I think now is the perfect time. So I grab my phone and text him.

I climb down my car, turn around and the first person I saw was HIM!

He was just standing there, smiling. I walked to him and we had a chat. While we were chatting, he did said something about I forgotten him. I just smiled.

What I was trying to say is that it is quite a long time since the last I spoke to him, and it was not in a good situation. I had a fight with him. A silent fight. Now only on his birthday I have a reason to speak to him again. So a few minutes chatting was enough to said that we are still in good condition, right dear?

Happy birthday dear.

p.s: By the way, the car I parked beside? It is HIS car!

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