Cats for adoption.

12 Apr

For as long as I remember, my house never lack of cats. Stray cats. There is always a cat or cats. So frequent and so many of them that I lost count. At my early age, I was kind of adore that little living souls. I kept them, tended them. But as I growing up, that behavior tend to fade away. Some of them ended up deceased, either because of a transportation accidents (my house situated beside a kind-of-busy road) or because of fighting with another cats or another animals, and some of them just disappeared just like that.

They are not mine! I just Google this picture.

They are not mine! I just Google this picture.

At this time, there are a family of a mother and four kittens. Almost 2 months old. I always find these creatures are a very cute creatures. Especially the kittens. Just seeing them playing with each other enough to make my heart went out for them.

But..! Oh there is always a buts!

But, when my flower pots start to fell down to the ground, and my grow mix changed into their cat litter box, cute is no longer applied to them. They don’t even deserve that sacred word. It’s like they are cats from hell!

I’m thinking of what to do with these 4-legs-and-a-tail creatures.

I text my friend, suggesting her about adopting my cats. She refused, since she already has five cats altogether. Also a stray ones.

To make thing even worse, at the place I live, there is no single home or place that I know of that providing a shelter for domestic animals. If there is any, I think I will be the permanent customer whom keep visiting them just for sending a new stray cats.

I don’t know what to do with them. I think I just let them stay here until they grew boring. Until the time has come for them to move on to another place, I will just bear with them.



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2 responses to “Cats for adoption.

  1. Kebun Bandar

    14/04/2013 at 3:03 pm

    How noble to read that. I did saw some stray cats around my apartment but not my things to keep them as pets.
    I don’t know. For me having a cat as a pet is like having a girlfriend all around. It will get myself stuck with something and tide me to a bond of freedom. Means that I don’t have any freedom anymore after that.

    • t.a.t.a

      15/04/2013 at 1:55 am

      If you are thinking them as your pet, where you have to nurture them instead of they doing it on their own, then maybe you will stuck with them. You will see them as your burden. As for me, I don’t really care where they are sleeping at night. I just provide food for them. That’s why when they do leave my house, I do not feel any lost at all. A little maybe.


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